Valdosta State University (South Georgia String Project)

I have been with SGSP for a year. I play the violin. I was asked why I like the SGSP and how it has helped me and why the program is important. I have epilepsy also called a seizure disorder. 6 years ago I had a 5 hour prolong life-threatening seizure, I almost died and suffered a brain injury as a result of that seizure. For the past six years, I have had a lot of therapy to help me with problems I have because of the brain injury and seizures. About a year ago I was really struggling in school and having a lot of anxiety and frustration. I was failing the third grade. My occupational therapist suggested to my mom and dad that they get me started in some kind of music lesson and my neurologist said that music would be one of the best ways to help my brain recover. We were told about the SGSP and mom and dad looked into it. I always loved the violin and dreamed of playing someday. SGSP is so important to me because it has helped me, I went from failing to now passing the fourth grade, I went from hardly being able to read at a third-grade level to reading at a 5th-grade level. Being able to play has helped my anxiety and social skills. I will always have some things I will have to struggle with due to my brain injury but playing the violin has helped my brain to be able to start healing better and has helped me learn to cope with my disabilities. I hope to continue with SGSP for a long time and I want to say thank you to the SGSP for helping me and giving me a chance to fulfill my dream of learning the