The National String Project Consortium launched a virtual orchestra project to celebrate their 20th anniversary. This project showcases children and teachers across the country performing a special multilevel piece as if they were all together in one place. The NSPC was created to address a shortage of string teachers while also providing more music education opportunities for children.


One sign of the success of the NSPC is the growth in the total number of students and teachers involved in these String Projects over the years. Currently there are 42 active String Project sites located in 23 states. There are seven sites in Texas, four in California, and three in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The highest number of students at a String Project is 402 at Arizona State University. The average number of students at a site is 91. The figures below show the overall numbers of students in NSPC programs.

Total Student Enrollment

Total Numbers of Student Teachers

Student Race/Ethnicity

Teacher Race/Ethnicity

Impacting String Education

Since its inception, the National String Project Consortium (NSPC) has been responsible for the stringed instrument education of well over 8,000 children of public school age in 43 sites around the United States. The NSPC’s teacher training program has reached over 600 String Music Education students in the sponsoring colleges and universities and assisted with the education of over 250 new public school teachers in the past five years alone.

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NSPC Funding

The NSPC is actively involved in seeking grants and gifts to assist the current String Project sites in continuing to provide high-quality education and training, and also help provide start-up assistance to those institutions seeking to create new sites. Since 1999, the NSPC has received grants totaling approximately $2.3 million from FIPSE (US Department of Education), the NEA, Knight Foundation, Psaras Foundation, Heller Foundation, D’Addario Foundation, NABIM, NAMM, Strings Magazine, the Dana Foundation, and Yamaha.

Currently, we have five emerging sites in California, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. Two approved sites are awaiting funding and we have another application round due at the end of every year.

The Success of the NSPC String Projects

Another sign of the success of the NSPC is that 81% of the String Projects in the NSPC had success in increasing the number of music education majors at their school.

80% of college graduating String Project student teachers are still teaching (2015 site survey). This percentage is highly positive, as research shows that 40–50% of teachers leave the profession within their first five years (Kinsey, Riley, others)