Northern Kentucky University

Our top-level String Project ensemble, Sinfonietta, had 24 students enrolled for 2017-2018 and celebrated its fourth year being in operation. The class had its first social event at the end of the spring semester: pizza party, games, and a night with their teacher at the NKU Philharmonic Orchestra concert (the university orchestra that includes their teaching assistants and the NKU String Project Director). The Sinfonietta students (mostly 11–14 years of age) left the concert saying they had never seen such a good orchestra, so many string players, wondered how they audition for college when it’s time, etc. One cellist, who had announced a few weeks prior that she would be quitting cello after the spring concert, decided right there that she was taking lessons over the summer and wanted to know how to audition for college. She’s only in 7th grade!