Arizona State University

“A few more positive notes to share with you and to highlight how you and the String Project touched and changed my girls for lifetime. My youngest daughter used to sit on a bucket in group orchestra because she was so young and little with her 1/2 size cello then. The older girl recently receives “the outstanding cellist” honor from her current [charter] school, for her love to play the cello and always being available to help in her orchestra class. She also plays for the Youth Symphony and is accepted to Intermediate String Orchestra by Interlochen Music Camp this year. You and the String Project offer her the opportunity to excel when we cannot afford expensive private lessons. The girls plan to start a music and art foundation to bring performing music to ill children in the hospitals. They will volunteer in music therapy and play music in children’s hospitals. They will bring their youth sized cellos to give hands-on experiences. Furthermore, they will partner with school honors societies with a big goal for nationwide expansion to provide a platform for other student musicians to give back to the communities. Hence, all instruments will be available and accessible to the children. This project is already underway with solid planning and will carry out many actions in the coming years. Both of them believe in giving back to the community. You have been such a great role model and inspiration to them. I wanted to share all these with you because you and String Project truly have touched our life deeply and made so much positive and deep impacts on our children in so many ways. They appreciate music and are good citizens with commitments for excellence and volunteerism. I will keep you posted on the progress of the good work these two girls are going to bring to the community.”