National String Project Consortium

NSPC at ASTA 2019, Albuquerque, NM!!!
Mark your calendars and join us for the NSPC pre-conference session on Wednesday, 3/6 from 12-5 p.m.

2019 String Project of the Year

Apply for the 2019 Outstanding String Project of the Year Award

This award is given annually by ASTA. The recipient is honored at the ASTA National Conference.

Application Deadline: December 15, 2018

2018–19 ASTA String Project of the Year Application

Applications should be submitted via email in the form of a PDF attachment to
Claire Morrell:

The National String Project Consortium is actively involved at the annual American String Teacher's Association National Conference.
The sessions are open to all!


ASTA 2019

NSPC Activities
Wednesday, March 6

 12:00–5:00 pm     Pre-Conference Session                                      Hyatt, Enchantment F

Spreading the Joy of String Playing: Best Practices for the NSPC String Projects

 5:30–7:00 pm     NSPC Reception                                                  Hyatt, Grand Pavilion II-III    

Sponsored by Yamaha                    

Thursday, March 7

 Posters & Displays from the NSPC Sites                   CC, Acoma Room


2:15–3:15 pm     Research in String Education and the NSPC                                   CC, Acoma Room  

3:45– 4:45 pm    Student Teachers’ Perspectives: Best Practices in NSPC Sites          CC, Acoma Room

 5:00–6:00 pm     NSPC Executive Board Meeting                                      Hyatt, Fiesta 1-2

Board members only

 6:00–6:30 pm     Open Discussion with NSPC Board                               Hyatt, Fiesta 1-2

All welcome- please come share site news!