The deadline for the upcoming round of applications is December 31, 2017 (postmarked).

2017 String Project Site Application

Budget Template

Two copies of the application should be submitted:

(1) An electronic copy of the application in PDF format should be submitted via email attachment to Dr. Amy Gillingham: The application should be one PDF document (application form, budget, and any letters of support should be merged into one PDF)

(2) A hard copy version accompanied by a $50 application fee (check made payable to "National String Project Consortium") mailed to:

Dr. Amy Gillingham / National String Project Consortium
School of the Arts
Northern Kentucky University
FA 207; 1 Nunn Drive
Highland Heights, KY  41099


Contact Amy Gillingham, Executive Director of the National String Project Consortium, at (859) 572-1568 or by email at 

Thank you for your interest.

Grant Funding Timeline Model

Year 1*

NSPC provides $10,000

University Site provides $10,000 in match funds

Year 2

NSPC provides $6,650

University Site provides $10,000 in match funds

Year 3
NSPC provides $4,250
University Site provides $10,000 in match funds
Year 4
NSPC provides $2,650
University Site provides $10,000 in match funds
Year 5
NSPC provides $1,100
University Site provides $10,000 in match funds
Year 6
Site is self-sustaining

* Year 1 denotes the first year of grant support. This may or may not be the actual year 1 of the program.

During grant funding years, String Projects must undergo evaluations in order to receive funding for the next grant year. Evaluations and reporting happen twice yearly through surveys. Additional surveys and reporting are also necessary for continued membership in the National String Project Consortium.

Things to Consider

before Applying

(1) Do you have the support of your program/department/college/university?

(2) Do you have the support of surrounding school districts?

(3) Is your university willing to supply the necessary $10,000 per year of match funds? (This is a requirement for grant funding. The $10,000 match can, however, come in the form of in-kind items.)

(4) Does your university have the necessary space available to support a String Project?

(5) Are there enough university students to teach in the program?


December 31
Application deadline
NSPC Program Committee and Board review applications (applicants may receive follow-up questions and/or requests for additional information during this period)
Sites receive notification
New sites have the option of beginning their program (In most cases, it takes an additional year in order to secure grant funding. Some sites choose to start their first year without funding, other choose to wait a year until their grant funding comes through.)
Following year:

Sites receive notification of grant funding
Sites begin operation with grant funds


National String Project Consortium

The Application Process

When you apply to become a String Project site, you are essentially applying for two things:

(1) Approval and admittance to the National String Project Consortium (and approval to become a String Project site)

(2) Consideration for five years of grant funding through the National String Project Consortium ($24,650 of funding over 5 years)

Starting a String Project at your college or university is an exciting goal that requires months and possibly years to plan and implement, depending upon the unique situations in each community. While the NSPC always hopes and plans to fund new sites, there is more demand for funding than we are able to meet. Many colleges and universities have joined the NSPC and started their own projects without initial NSPC grant support.